Saturday, October 2, 2010

Party look...

Hi readers, I was wondering what could I post in this blog, and Molly told me about fashion and Stardoll, so, I was inspired and I decided to make a "Party Look", you can see it in the image below. The dress is simple but very classy and elegant, it has three colours, as you see, black, gold and white. I´m sure you will like it, you can match it with some belts, or instead of that with chains, for a rock style, of course you will need to have a purse, or a clutch, matching with the whole outfit. You will need shoes, I think ankle boots, or stilettos look fantastic with the party look, for the final touch a stunning make-up, very shiny. And that´s all, you´re ready to go out and have an incredible night!

Hope you like it, XOXO, Olivia


  1. It Really Do! I Usually Don't Really Like That Dress, But You Totally Made It Work. [;