Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wild Look.-

Hello, Donna readers! Today I bring to you a savage or wild look, I got inspired while I was reading a famous magazine, Elle, and I saw the new tendences, one of them was, wild look, something that look up to Africa´s women, but, of course, more glamourous.
So, for the face, you will need, a stunning make-up, because you know, face is the first thing, that people see, use black, brown, orange and yellow colours, that´s wild about!
Another thing that women always care about is hair, but this time, is different, don´t brush your hair, just let it be...
Now, for the outfit...ok, remember, that everything has to be in black, brown, orange, gold, pick a dress, or something with that colours, it´s pretty simple, but please, they have to match! You won´t look like a clown...
You can wear gladiators, or just stilettos, to make a fitter image of you.
When it comes to the accesories, if your outfit is heavy, don´t use accesories, but if you think that there´s a lack of something, you can use, bracelets, or gloves, a funny idea, is to wear gloves with animal print patterns!
You can see my choices below, but remember that, having your own style, is way better!

XOXO, Hope you like it.

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